Weekend Adventures

With the amazing weather we have been having recently and the long bank holiday weekends that grace us from time to time, it has allowed us to get out on the bicycles and explore more of the countryside that is right on our doorstep.

Day One

Leaving our base in Colchester and heading north towards Norwich you couldn’t have asked for a more perfect days. Long rolling B-roads, country lanes and farm tracks the ride has us going through Ipswich and a stop in Woodbridge. 

A brief brunch at Honey + Harvey and fueled by their fantastic coffee and fresh food we set off once again in the baking sunshine. The journey through various small towns and villages soon takes a detour to the St Peter’s Brewery where we enjoyed a fine pint by the river. Once again we could have easily stayed and soaked up the atmosphere. 

With a train to catch back to Colchester we soon had to set off again. Greater Anglia now make you book your bike on the train in advance which is rather backward thinking in our minds. Public transport and cycling infrastructure is one of many things that the UK still hasn’t managed to get right but lets not go there. 

Taking the last few country lanes and the Redham Ferry we soon arrived in Norwich just in time for the train.

Day Two

Having decided to stay in bed a little longer than normal our planned 140 mile route was always going to be a push. A zig-zag route that takes in Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire with stops at The Cyclist in Sudbury and Bicicletta in Saffron Walden.

Once we had set off we were again greeted by fine weather and fantastic views. Using Komoot as our preferred navigation tool we soon discovered some new tracks and country lanes that we never knew existed. That being said we also discovered a couple of lanes which were private property so had to make some on-the-stop adjustments to what what an almost perfect ride.

The first stop at The Cyclist was a welcome break and their hot cross buns were simply amazing and very zesty! A nice cold coffee washed them down and we soon set off.

The miles came and went and we played various silly games while passing other cyclists heading in the opposite direction. Singing songs and talking nonsense past the time and we soon arrived at Bicicletta where we had a huge lunch of fresh bread, salad, meat and aioli. 

On leaving Saffron Walden we made our one mistake and where I need to change the route. There is a rather long and busy climb on a major road which takes you out of the town. Next time we ride this we will have to tweak it so that it turns off earlier and back into the countryside.

As we headed off the main road and finally back towards home the roads became smaller and gravel tracks we had plotted allowed us to detour towns and cars.

While we didn’t get to visit any breweries that day it was a good way to spin the legs and get some extra miles in before some of summers big adventures.