The Social Ride

We wanted to say thank you to all those that have supported us over the years and what better way than to organise a ride.

We are blessed with amazing countryside where we are based and even luckier to have a huge amount of MOD land where we get to play with our bikes. Adding the two together, throwing in some farm tracks, woodland and gravel, we knew we were onto a winner of a route.

Finishing in the Queen Street Brew House, our local Belgium style beer house, it was great to hear how everyone enjoyed the ride, how the various different styles of landscape made for a unique route and how (in our opinion) the last technical section of CX in the fading light made for an interesting end to a rather special day. Especially hearing about a large animal (from the local zoo?) which could have either been a wolf or possibly a large cat……who knows in the dark!

Starting out the day various groups set off for an adventure into the unknown as many riders had come from various parts of the UK. The route takes you in and around the North Essex, South Suffolk area.

Through our local cyclo-cross course and into various farm tracks we wanted to show what is on offer if you are happy to jump on a train or drive for around an hour (obviously depending on where you live).

There were all kinds of sections we wanted to show those riders from local farms to the ghost bride, an abandoned flyover built for a housing estate that never came about. There were urban cyclo-cross sections and muddy tracks deep enough to stop you in your pace. We wanted to share almost everything that our local area has to offer. That being said we have kept some back for the summer addition in 2020.

As the dusk started to settle and the light started to fade the last few riders who had made the decision to visit the pub came through its doors covered in mud and with huge smiles.

We have to say a huge thanks to all those that braved the weather, mud and severed limbs (curtis of the MOD) that made what we think a very special route.

Additional photography

Laurence Dyson, The Ride Journal and @richwindsor37