Teravail Cannonball 42c

“There are routes covered with razor-sharp flint rock, where the wind is unforgiving, and the destination is far beyond the horizon. For the toughest days of gravel, when winning looks like finishing, we created the Cannonball.”

With the number of Gravel tyres now coming to the market the sales pitch is becoming all too familiar. It seems every gravel tyre out there is the one to have. So when we received the long-awaited Teravail Cannonball we thought we were just going to get yet another half decent tyre. 

Out of the box the tyre has a slightly tacky feeling which might be down to their 60TPI. As we had a set of Hunt Gravel Wheels laying around so what better way to give these tyres a thrashing. Set up with Hunt’s own rim tape the Teravail’s slipped on easily. That being said when we tried to get the last quarter of the Cannonball to seat on the rear wheel we did need a little help with the use of a tyre lever. But once they were pumped up the seal soon snapped into place and since have lost very little air. 

The Ride

Since we have had little rain over the winter more of the routes we normally test bikes and parts on have become dust bowls. This is probably where the Cannonball comes into its own.

With an approximate width of 42mm depending on which rims you ride, there is enough grip to see you securely hit the corners at speed. The side nobbles have just enough grip to dig in and keep you rolling upright.

On the road and with a couple of extra PSI they didn’t seem to be too sluggish. In the UK most of the gravel rides cover at least three or four sections of tarmac. If you are looking for speed or to race then this is clearly where you make up some time. If you are looking for an adventure or bikepacking tyre then again you could do a lot worse.

All-in-all we have to say that the Teravail Cannonball 42c does exactly what you would expect. It covers all the bases and that is probably what you want in a tyre. Sometimes knowing you have some rubber on that you can forget about and enjoy the ride is exactly what you want. Just go out there and enjoy yourself.