It is funny to think that a couple of years ago riding a 35c tyre would have been considered as huge. Those that stayed on the road were probably riding a 23c or 25c and the thought of anything bigger would have been unimaginable.

Since then we have been inundated with gravel tyres, all-road tyres and everything in between. The way we see it, picking the correct tyre for the style of riding you do has become a mind field as no two rides are the same and the choice is unbelievable.

So when we sent a selection of Teravail tyres some while ago we couldn’t help notice some similarities to other brands. One thing we did like however was the good selection of widths allowing you to find a tyre to fit your bike.

While the 35c option would probably be considered too thin these days for some peoples tastes, we realised that it would probably make the perfect commuter tyre. Boy were we spot on!

A tubeless tyre, good subtle grip and a tread pattern that mixes up a smoothish centre section with knobbly sides for grip on those back roads. This tyre that extra edge over a lot we have tested over the years and the fact it has lasted over 14 months without a single issue is a huge bonus.

While we have taken it off road the tread pattern would be suited at compact gravel or single track more than muddy, loose, off road sections and over roots it was a little slippery at times. That being said the side nobbles and soft compound gave it amazing grip in the wet on the back country roads near where we live.

All-in-all we would say that if you are looking for a good all-weather commuter tyre or something for compact gravel and you don’t have the hugest amount of clearance the Teravail Cannonball 35c is well worth a look.