For some time now we have been running reviews of tyres as they are probably a huge part in how a bike handles on gravel and adventure rides. Find the correct tyre for your style of riding and you have half the issues you will ever discover sorted.

Finding that balance between grip and rolling resistance can be a fine line and the one tyre we always seem to come back to by choice is the Schwalbe G-One Bite. The tread seems to have that balance with enough grip in the mud and sand, add that to the rolling resistance on compact gravel, and you have a tyre that covers almost every eventuality.

Pair that to their valves, sealant and easy fit and you have a set-up that so far has never let us down. As Schwalbe put it “This G-One feels pretty good on the road but its true strength shines through offroad. G-One Bite is made even more for off-road terrain than its colleagues. The open tread design and strong outer blocks provide stability when cornering and deliver this G-One the perfect “Bite”.

Out of the box these were easy to fit and slipped on very nicely. If you happen to be using the Schwalbe tubeless tyre booster or any other for that matter, you will soon see how easy these are to fit. The fact that you can buy sealant in handy sized bottles made this job easier, but I know some folks like to add a little extra just to make sure. If going for the larger sized version of these then you will definitely need more sealant.

To date we have tested these on most styles of rides from short bike-packing trips to full on Belgium gravel rides and even The Dirty Reiver. So far we are yet to have a puncture which is a plus sign in anyone’s book.

We have also tried these on a couple of different rims and having had issues from other manufacturers where we have deflated and swapped them over, the Schwalbe G-One Bite never had an issue.

We are yet to test the larger version of these but if you want a good all round gravel tyre that works well in mud, sand and single track you could do far worse than think about putting a set of these on your wish list.