So as some of you might have read before we are huge fans of the Schwalbe G-One tyres and having been given a set of the voluptuous 700x50c G-One Bites we thought we better get some miles in to see how the compare to the smaller 700x38c tyres. 

Out of the box you can clearly tell that they have volume. Made from the same compound as the regular 700x38c tyres that we love so much we knew that there were going to have a lot to live up to. That being said with the increased volume we know that you cannot compare them directly but more of a better or worse for certain situations.

The one thing we love about the 700x38c tyres was their ability to handle almost everything and are probably one of the best all round tyres we know of. What we found with the 700x50c seemed to be that they were far better  on gravel, off road and single track than country roads or tarmac. 

As Schwalbe put it “A real off-roader. This G-One feels pretty good on the road but its true strength shines through off road. G-One Bite is made even more for off-road terrain than its colleagues. The open tread design and strong outer blocks provide stability when cornering and deliver this G-One the perfect “Bite”.

While we were able to test this over the recent weeks we have not been able to test the tyre in muddy conditions. This was another area where the 700x38c tyre did extremely well. When summer is over and the UK is back to its normal weather patterns we will be sure to take these out and give them a full thrashing.

Even though they felt slightly sluggish on the road compared to their smaller brethren, when loaded with bike packing gear they offered a smoother ride and soaked up the bumps and lumps. Loosing a couple of km’s an hour isn’t really an issue if you’re not racing or needing to be somewhere by a certain time. So if you are looking for a tyre with good grip, increased volume and highly durable then you could do far worse than the Schwalbe G-One Bite 700x50c.