The Atlas Mountain Race is an unsupported single-stage cycling race that will take place in Morocco during Febraury 2020. The race will take riders  from Marrakech across the High Atlas and from there onwards through the Anti Atlas to Agadir.

Starting on the 15th of February 2020, with a grand depart from Marrakech, the Atlas Mountain Race is a fixed route, unsupported, single-stage cycling race through the spectacular mountains of the Atlas and Anti-Atlas. The clock does not stop, and no prizes are awarded. The race will follow gravel, single and double track and old, hand built, colonial roads that have long been forgotten and fallen into disrepair – there will be very little tarmac.

Racers can ride solo or as a pair, along a fixed route with three manned checkpoints where the riders will receive a stamp on their ‘brevet’ card [a brevet is a long-distance bicycle ride with check-points], before heading to the finish line for a well-deserved post-race beer.

The brainchild of race director, Nelson Trees, who is the main person behind the Silk Road Mountain Race, the Kyrgyz sister race of the AMR. The event is sponsored by Italian/Japanese cycling apparel brand PEdAL ED.

Nelson Trees, Silk Road Mountain Race Director agreed: “After the successful organization of the Silk Road Mountain Race in Kyrgyzstan, we wanted to take that format and bring people to another exciting destination. Somewhere that would be a little more accessible yet present many of the same challenges and a few new ones, unique to the geography of Morocco. In spirit and ethos it will share a lot with it’s Kyrgyz sister race, but it will truly have it’s own character, built on the complex and fascinating Moroccan culture that is intertwined with its mountainous setting.”

“We look forward to telling the story of this new race, in a continual search for new innovative ways to share the tales from the road that inevitably arise from the challenges the riders will face in this beautiful and often inhospitable environment. We’re excited to continue our partnership with PEdAL ED in this new location and are glad that we have their continued support in putting on the race.” “For this first edition, we will cap the number of riders at 100, to be able to keep control over the ins and outs of the event and ensure that riders have the best possible experience”

If you have the taste for adventure, you can apply here.

For more information on the Atlas Mountain Race, sponsored by PEdAL ED, visit the website here.