So once again we are back testing tyres as it seems there is an endless amount of variety to choose from. We have had the Michelin Power Gravel tyres on for a while now as we have had so many other to review, but here our our thoughts after several months of testing.

The tread on the tyre is similar to others and with that you know that it is going to have been tried and testing. The close knobbles mean that there is less road vibration when you are on tarmac and on compact gravel allowing you to push harder, especially if you run a slightly higher PSI.

The only draw back to this is that in loose gravel or mud the tyre doesn’t grip as well as something specifically designed for that style of terrain.

That being said we did find that lowering the PSI gave better grip on loose gravel and when it was a damp day on muddy soil…..deep mud NO WAY!

The one major issue we had with these was seating them. Countless times we tried with booster pumps and compressors and finally had to resort to the old trick of fitting with an inner tube, carefully opening one side and removing the tube. Then filling with sealant and attentively refitting the side we had to open. At first it didn’t work until we added a stupid amount of pressure. We thought we had been doing something wrong so tried different tyres on the same rims and the tyres on other rims. Each time we only had an issue with the Micheline Power Gravel. This maybe due to the new X-Miles rubber compound used for the Michelin Power Gravel (as well as the Michelin Power Endurance road-going tyre), which Michelin says increases the tyre’s lifespan. It also says that the Power Gravel has a “Protek” bead to bead protection belt built in under the tread, designed to keep thorns, flints and other ride-spoilers at bay. Who knows but we struggled.

Once they were on we have yet to have an issue but I’m dreading the day I have to work on them on the go or in the field. Fingers crossed we don’t have any issues and they simply wear-out before any issues occur.