For over a year we have had these on test as there is no way you can test a product in a couple of weeks and really know how effective it is.

The upper part of the boot is made from waxed canvas, Clarino Microfiber and a waterproof membrane for a highly water resistant upper. While the sole is comprised of Hypergrip Enduro Sole with ice lock anti-slip lug inserts. You can also fit studs should you wish for more grip in muddy conditions (something I should have done).

Out of the box you soon notice how light these boots are compared to some others we have had on test over the same period. The “Dual side mounted Push/Pull BOA IP1 lacing system with releasable guides” allows for easy adjusment on and off the bike and depending on how thick your socks are you can easily adjust these for the perfect fit.

One thing we do like about Lake Shoes is the ability to buy half sizes (those with nylon soles only come in whole sizes) and wide fittings. Speaking to them they know there stuff when it comes to making shoes, obtaining the correct fit and making sure you have the right shoe for your needs.

Now that said we tested these to the extreme in rides much colder than the -4c they say they are comfortable in. Also with any shoe or boot you have to remember there is a hole at the top. Unless your bibs or waterproofs go over this then you will always have water getting in no matter how hard you try.

For those that don’t think about there shoes too much you should. As one of three major contact points on a bike, you get your shoes and cleats correct and you are going to be much happier in the saddle (Another contact point I should add).

The first challenge for these shoes was a 100km gravel/cx ride around London with Hub Velo. To say it was cold was an understatement and to be honest I rarely ride if I cannot feel my hands. That being said I like to try new things so why not. For most of the ride I have to say the shoe performed extremely well so long as I didn’t get water over the top of the boot. Unfortunately there were a couple of very deep muddy puddles which were unavoidable and the boot became soaked. No matter what shoe you had on we were all in the same boat. Other than the fact that this happened I couldn’t have been happier.

The next major challenge was the Lumberjack ride in Belgium or if you have read my previous article MUDFEST! A very cold, wet and muddy ride in which I lost most of the feeling to my hands, feet, face you name it.

The boot is clearly not designed to go down to such cold weather, especially if you are going to get water and mud over the top and inside the boot. While the Boa lacing system is fantastic to adjust there is still a hole in which your feet need to go in. Also the tongue of the right shoe seemed to need a little adjusting as we tightened the Boa. We have no idea why as the left shoe was fine.

Over the past year we have ridden various events wearing the Lake MX145 boot and for 99% of the time the boot has functioned as you would expect. It has kept the cold out and kept us peddling for miles. For those that want an extra layer of warmth you could always wear an over sock. If you perticularly suffer from cold feet you might want to think of a more extreme winter boot or layering up.

For those that want a boot for spring and autumn you could do far worse than think of the MX145. We will be out and about in these for some time while we wait for summer to appear.

If you want to know more head over to Lake Cycling Shoes.