Iris Winter Collection

Women’s cycle clothing doesn’t need to be pink or boring!

Looking at the new collection from Iris Apparel we have to say that we are rather envious of the well thought out and stylish designs for women.

“Exploring the 2019 Fall/Winter collection, you’ll see first of all that the colour tones continue through from previous seasons, so you can keep combining the new items with the past summer collection. This seasons apparel contains three ‘leaders’: The Evergreen Jacket, which is designed for every form of winter cycling and is inspired by the colour of pine trees that never lose their leaves, just like people that train through the cold winter.

The Off Season Long Sleeve Jersey. If you see the graphic and colors you can imagine inspiration comes from those October off season parties that are key to riders (at least it was for me) to take the pressure off after a long and stressful race season. But they could also be those beautiful colours on a mild fall day when you do find the motivation to keep riding. 

Talking about motivation and winter training…With the Signature Winter Bib Tight there are no excuses to stay inside this winter. It’s been a challenge to design and develop my perfect winter bib tight given the unique demands of riding in winter weather and I’m proud to say this bib tight ticks all the boxes: It’s water repellent. It’s windproof. It’s breathable. But most importantly, it will always keep you warm.

To complete your outfit, we’ve added some matching merino accessories; a neck warmer, socks, and base layer. Perfect.

Winter is covered so visit Iris

Photos by Maarten de Groot