I have a great love for cycling and commuting to work on two wheels means I get to test products daily.  The winter months annoy me as the temperature drops and the cold seeps into my fingers and toes, but this is usually fixed by an extra pair of socks or gloves. I don’t think I had really noticed the cold chill in my legs until I had the first ride wearing the Signature Winter Bib Tights from Iris Apparel and the difference they have made compared to other winter bibs I bought the previous year.

I can honestly say it gives you the feeling of having a nice cosy blanket covering your legs as you pedal. The difference is also noticed due to keeping a warmer core and not having that feeling of wanting an extra layer when you stop for a much needed coffee on long winter days. The award-winning CyTech Endurance 2.5 HD chamois ensures optimum comfort, and silicone grippers keep the legs in place and was needed when tackling the Festive 500 recently. You really notice the difference a good fitting pad makes when you spend hours in the saddle on a cold damp winters day.

The winter weather, rain and flooded roads which causes cold splashes of water up your legs seem to become irrelevant due to the warmth created by the bibs and the fact they are water replant; an added bonus. As i-ris state “Don’t buy this bib tight if you need an excuse not to go riding this winter.  ‘Cause this bib tight has it all… It’s water repellent, windproof but still breathable. And most importantly, it will always keep you warm”.

So cosy, comfortable and with the secure magnetic closure system at the back, which is certainly convenient in times of need, definitely money well spent.

For more information head to i-ris