Iris SS20

Since meeting Iris Slappendel last just over a year ago we would like to think we have become friends so it was great to hear she was working on a spring/summer collection for her clothing brand IRIS. After the success of her winter collection, which we loved, we were more than impressed when she sent over the images of her new collection.

“It’s been a strange, exciting and sometimes difficult year for me. Trying to grow this little brand, trying to stay fit myself, trying to find a work / free-time balance. I’m still adapting to my ‘new’ life: getting used to the life of an entrepreneur and getting rid of the pro-athlete mind-set. I’m still rediscovering different ways of riding my bike – which I really enjoy. At the same time, I have been rediscovering my home grounds. I’ve never spent as much time at home as the previous winter – due to a neck fracture. After living as a ‘bike-nomad’ for so many years, it gave me a really restless feeling at first to stay in the same place for a long time.

The inspiration for this collection has come in many ways. But most of all it is very personal. Being forced to spend a whole winter at home made me appreciate my home grounds again. Long wandering walks through the Dutch fields, my feet in the clay. I also received a very inspiring present from friends; a Japanese dictionary of color combinations. A combination of the two resulted in a collection that has a softer tone then the 2019 collection (but don’t worry, you will find some funky details in there). I would actually say that finding exciting color combinations was the only thrill I had last winter!    

So, am I less restless now? As you can see in how this collection has come together… I’m still wandering in all directions! Which I hope you are cool with, ‘cause I am…”

It is great to see the theme has carries over from winter allowing you to mix and match for the seasons. The quality is there as always and for those who want to get away from the normal “girly” colours brands think we should be wearing it is a welcome relief.

The patterns and geometric shapes are a fresh look. If you want to stand out on your weekend ride then these are going to be high on your list when it comes to thinking of buying new kit for 2020.

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