With the amount of gravel and cx rides we have been on recently it was great to have a new set of pedals turn up at the office. The fact that they were all black and rather stealth-like helped.

Having broken several pedals in the past on rocks and single track these looked sturdy right out of the box.

With two different sets of cleats allowing for 4Deg or 8Deg of float they were easy to set up and install. The needle bearings spun smoothly and did exactly what you want from a pedal.

With our own 100km cx/gravel ride coming up I was able put these through their paces almost right away. On first impressions they were fantastic! Easy to adjust, quick and simple clicking in and out and one pedalling very little movement. 

In Belgium they were a slightly different story, but I put this down to the conditions. With the amount of mud, puddles and snow I had to put my feet down a couple of times. The cleats clogged up, but a quick kick against the pedal and they freed up and back in.

The only issues with these pedals happen to be solely cosmetic due to the stealth black rubbing off rather quickly and the cleats rusting.

At 298 grams these are not the lightest pedal on the market. But if you want something that is reliable, keeps mud out and easy to clip in then you couldn’t go wrong with the HT Components Leopard M1