Helmets are one of those things that you can never really test until you have a major fail, crash or fall.

The HJC Furion is a lightweight aero lid from Korean Motorcycle helmet manufacturer as it makes its first move into the cycling industry.

HJC’s shape certainly doesn’t look groundbreaking or something out of the ordinary, yet the design looks different enough to distinguish it from helmets from other well known brands. HJC has worked 11 vents into the Furion’s shell.

“HJC helmets are constantly tested in the laboratory as well as in “real” life situations to determine the highest quality standards. HJC is only one of very few helmet companies who are equipped with its own state of the art wind tunnel testing laboratory to test the aerodynamics, ventilation, noise, and more. In adapting motorcycle race technology to high-end road cycle helmets the HJC wind tunnel test lab constantly measures all the relevant forces in a variety of riding conditions”.

Cooling not being the main aim of the game with an aero lid it is clear that HJC have the skills to make use the equipment they have to hand. “In order to achieve maximum ventilation, a technical adaptation of Bernoulli’s principle is applied to aerodynamically enhanced models. In motion, the rate of surface flow in general increases towards the rear progression. Through pressure differences, cool air from the frontal intake is exhausted through the rear vent for internal heat dissipation, giving the cyclist optimum ventilation while riding”.

While cycling for hours in hot temperatures could easily be an issue but thanks to the antibacterial padding, rashes or iritations should be less of a problem.

Inside there’s nothing particularly revolutionary, you get a height adjustable clickwheel retention system, lightweight straps and the removable antibacterial pads. That being said there is nothing wrong with the simple design.

The smallest of three sizes is claimed to come in at 200g, while our size medium Furion came in at a feathery 212g a couple of grams over its claimed weight.

So now the standard kind of review is out of the way I have to say this helmet probably saved my life. After a rather nasty accident in France last year, concussion, broken bones and a rather trashed bike I was told that if I had not of been wearing a good helmet I probably wouldn’t have walked away with my brain fully functioning.

While not the most complicated of designs, having to adjust the straps to fit correctly, it goes to show that when you have a good quality helmet, that fits properly, you are more likely to walk away…..style should not come before substance.

If you are thinking of a buying a new helmet it is well worth concidering the HJC Furion.