Fearless Vulture

Over the past month, we have been playing around with the Fearless Vulture. For those that haven’t heard of the Brighton based company, it is well worth checking out.

The Vulture frame and fork comes in at £499 including postage, so what do you get for your money?

A Reynolds 725 double butted frame, ED coated followed by powder coat, the ability to run up to a 45c tyre, Mounts to fit racks & mudguards and it can even take a carbon tapered fork should you wish.

On that note, we were lucky that the test model came with a headset already fitted. Normally you would have to buy your own and fit it. Personally, we think Fearless is missing a trick here. If the Vulture were to arrive with one fitted it would make it easier, especially if you were building the bike up yourself and don’t have a huge amount of tools.

Once we had selected the components to compliment the frame & fork we have to say it was a blast. The bike can fit both 650b and 700c tyres, but as we had a set of Hunt 700c Gravel Wheels for review we thought this would be the perfect bike to try them out on.

By having IS mounts on the frame and forks it is a simple set-up and this also allows you to be able to fit what size rotor you wish. The 68mm BB shell again allows you to fit a vast variety of bottom brackets, which in turn allows you to fit a wide range of cranks. This is also reflected in the 9mm QR drop-outs front and rear. If you were thinking of a bike where you could easily get spares then look no further. Simply saying this bike has been designed to fit as many variations of components as you can think of. If we were lucky enough to be going on an epic worldwide tour this is one frame & fork that would be on the top of our list.

Over the time we had the bike built up we have to say it handled extremely well and for your money, you are getting a lot of bike. One of the nice things about buying just a frame & fork is you can choose the components carefully, buying exactly what you want. Too often we have tested bikes where the stems needed changing, cranks are too long etc, etc. Although it might cost you a little more doing it this way, if you are savvy enough you can always get a deal.

Anyway back to the Vulture…..

With the 700x45c tyres fitted it simply rolled over everything and not once did it feel like it couldn’t handle the gravel paths, bridleway and potholes close to where we live. For those that normally ride a carbon tapered fork, there was little or no difference, especially under hard braking. 

This is one bike you can easily throw around, have fun on and never really have to worry about. The geometry and short chainstays make for a quick and snappy kick when you need it. Due to the mixture of Reynolds 725 and 4130 you have the right tubes in the right place.

Our only issues are mostly personal, ideally an extra set of bottle cage bosses on the down tube would have been great, the option to have a headset fitted, chrome or black barrel adjusters just to make it look even sexier. Like we say these are only personal opinions and if the Vulture had been a size smaller it wouldn’t have been going back.

All-in-all for just under £500 you are getting a lot of bike for your buck and if you are in the market for something new and adventurous you really should take a look at Fearless Bikes.