So if you do not have a ticket for the sold out Dirty Boar gravel ride in September 2019 but you still really, really want to ride: Keep reading!

As you may have noticed at the bike-packer event which we covered, the Dirty Boar team consists of a small number of volunteers. This means that building up an event like their gravel rider is a lot of work.

So they are asking for people’s help.

In exchange you get a free entry to the dirty boar gravel ride in 2019 or (when your volunteer job is during the ride) a ticket for the 2020 edition,  the event t-shirt AND a Redoutable beer.

We have some jobs for riders:
* putting up arrows on Wednesday and Thursday, taking them back off on  Sunday.
* or during the event: be the last rider

The Friday before the event we also need a lot of hands to build up the start/finish site.

If you don’t want to ride this year but still want to volunteer (and get a ticket for 2020) we are still looking for volunteers to man the feed stations or signallers on road crossings or volunteer at the start/finish in the bar.

Every year we have a few partners of riders who volunteer at feed stations or as signallers: that rider then gets a free entry. 

If you feel like this is something for you, don’t hesitate to contact them at A lot of fun is guaranteed…….trust us! Every year there has been a really good vibe among the volunteers and being a part of this really doesn’t disappoint!