Claire’s Bike

With plans to take on various bike-packing and adventure rides this year we were going to be hooking up with certain Italian bike brand. Due to the UK distributor deciding not to return my emails a couple of weeks before we flew to the US we had to have a change in plans.

Step forward a rather swiftly built frame using part of Claire’s old frame, a rattle can paint job and not enough time to let it dry.

Built from a mixture of Columbus Life and HSS the frame has enough room for 700x50c tyres and can carry various bags should she need to. Thanks to Pro-Bolt we have some lovely matching gold bolts to show off the red/orange chameleon sparkle paint scheme (Annoyingly was ruined by Virgin Atlantic over to the US).

The carbon fork keeps the bike light and having had rack mounts fitted to them by a friend who works for a motor racing company she is good to go.

Over the next year the bike will be going on various adventures around Florida, Belgium, France and beyond.