666 Into The Night

What do you get if you mix cobbles, sub-zero temperatures, rain and 150 like-minded souls….The 666 Into The Night Gravel Ride.

Starting just outside of Leuven in Belgium the brain child of the 666 Gravel Ride crew was always a must do as soon as we heard about it. Costing 10 Euros you were given a much needed ass-saver, coffee and a beer! What more could you ask for?

From riding last years 666 Gravel Ride we knew we were going to be delighted with the night-time adventure into the depths of Belgium, this ride didn’t disappoint.

Soon after we set off around five o’clock in the evening the weather decided to take a turn and the damp dark skies settled in for the night. This was only going to be an issue with taking photos but did allow me to sit back and enjoy more of the ride.

Knowing the area a little I knew we were going to tackle cobbles and I have to admit I love it! At one point I was surprised with how steep the hills became and I swear I had climbed the Koppenberg in the dark….I was fucked! Thanks to the guys from Dirty Boar, whom I was cycling with, we encouraged each other along as I tried to find gears I didn’t have. The mud and grit from the previous day was still in my cables and I knew the bike needed some TLC when I arrived home.

On rides like this it is hard to workout how far you have traveled due to the dark. Time just seems to stand still which is a large part of the adventure. It felt like every ten minutes the scenery changed and no sooner had it then you were faced with either a short sharp climb and cobble or rocky decent.

The much needed feed stop came at around 40km at a small church in the arse end of nowhere. Illuminated by fire and the 666 logo you couldn’t have found a spookier setting but it was a warm welcome to the damp weather and slippery cobbles. The hot soup, bread and snacks made you want to stop longer but with the cold air and mist it was soon time to set off into the night.

The last section came and went so quickly as we darted along cobbles, farm tracks, woodland and country lanes. Through Bierbeek and back to where we started, the final 30km was a blur.

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