We have recently had a ten hour flight and knowing how tedious that can be we saved Unpaved Podcast especially for that. The brainchild of Katherine Moore and Tom Bonnett came about as they travel the length and breadth of the UK, seeking out the very best off road riding in the wild and wonderful British Isles. They’re seeking out the riders, route experts and gear designers that help you get the most out of leaving the tarmac behind.

Unpaved Podcast’s introductory series of four episodes explores the fundamental concepts of what it means to ride off road; exploring cycling history, how new communities are being born all over the country and how attitudes are changing more than they have done in decades. Unpaved investigates what happens when riders take this growing discipline of riding to the extremes, and how the cycling industry is responding to the surging all-terrain appetite.

Unpaved is not a studio podcast. Host and producer duo Katherine and Tom join their guests as they showcase the very best of their local gravel, come snow, rain or shine. With each episode, the route and highlights are shared on the Unpaved komoot account so that listeners can go and enjoy the locals’ best off road trails all over the UK too.

Podcasts guests from this series include some of the fascinating people behind The Woods Cyclery, Brother Cycles, Pannier.cc, Second City Divide, The Bicycle Academy, Mercredi Bikes, The Racing Collective and current pro road racer, Lachlan Morton.

Unpaved Podcast is supported by komoot, the route planning and navigation app that helps people plan, enjoy and share better adventures. During the series, Unpaved Podcast will be sharing their komoot experiences and tips, as well as the opportunity for listeners to win tickets to popular off road events based in the UK.

‘You can be a mountain biker and want to go slightly longer distance, or you can be a cyclo-cross racer who wants to do something a bit more chilled, or you can be a commuter…the gravel thing, you can come at it from so many different angles’.

Will Meyer, Co-Founder of Brother Cycles

‘It had a huge impact on how I looked at the bike, my relationship with it. It added a dimension outside competition or my livelihood, opened up an element of discovery, exploration, and personal growth – a whole bunch of things I didn’t know you could achieve just by riding a bike. So yeah, that for me was the beginning of a totally new relationship with riding.’

‘You can look at it as something new, that’s kinda sprung out of this want for adventure, this post-road racing scene. People want something else outside of road racing… I think it’s grown out of that, but if you look at the history of cycling on the whole, it’s actually how it all started. The idea of being self-supported and covering really big distances. If you look at the origins of road racing, that’s where it all began so it’s almost full circle in a way. It’s just the fact that we’re doing it in the modern age that it’s considered adventure, I guess.

Lachlan Morton, pro cyclist, EF Education First

‘I think a big part of riding bikes and the slow travel vibe that we try and recreate is also the time off the bike… a couple of scenic, nice places to stop, brew up and get people warm again… We’ve coined this ‘15kph club’… people understand that evokes a slow travel appreciation of riding bikes.’

Stef Amato, Founder & Co-Owner of Pannier.cc

Katherine is a gravel and bikepacking enthusiast, cycling writer and guide, formerly a presenter at the Global Cycling Network.

Tom Bonnett produces a diverse range of radio programmes for BBC Sounds, as well as capturing cyclists at the limit of their endurance to produce the Transcontinental Race and Trans Pyrenees Race podcasts.

Unpaved Podcast is on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts as well as YouTube, Pocket Casts, Deezer and Overcast. Episodes will be released weekly for the first series of four.