So we have decided to put our money where our mouth is and start our own rides to say thank you to all those that follow Pen Paper Steel.

After speaking to various friends we wanted to organise a verity of social rides with the aim to give people the chance to dip their toes into the world of gravel and adventure cycling.

“From the start we wanted to create a series of rides that encompass all that we love about cycling, adventure and community”.

Over the years we have been lucky to attend various gravel and adventure rides around Europe. This gave us an insight into the what we love and hate about cycling. The large corporate events where you are rewarded by queues and gels that make you feel sick to the small and unique events run by friends. We decided to create a series of events that allow you to just ride in what-ever capacity you wish to.

The aim was to plan three or four rides through the year allowing people to experience different styles of terrain and distances. From a 100km to 350km; each ride will have its own unique style.

We wanted to give something back to those that have supported us, yet allow new people to try what has become known as “Gravel or Adventure Cycling”.

We hope that you will support us on our journey and join us on one of the many rides we aim to offer.