The Great Escape Pt. One

Lockdown has the potential to cause horrid moods. Living in a first floor flat, with only a communal garden can mean I feel a lot of cabin fever. However bicycles and cycling bring a lot of joy for those that can get out and about.

The sense of freedom I feel pedaling along roads has increased somewhat with the current situation. The ability to get out and explore roads which have been forgotten about with the ease of foreign travel.

With not wanting to be out for long, or too far home with the restrictions put in place could have easily put a downer onto it all. Exploring a lot of local roads and paths I have never ridden before, the old ones and tracks which are rarely available due to traffic. The lack of cars on the roads makes for a more peaceful ride, which means that you are more likely to have a collision with a squirrel than a motorist.

We have been out riding on some lovely roads, through lots of fords getting wet feet, and it has been wonderful seeing so many more people cycling. It is lovely to get that happy wave you get as you cycle passed fellow cyclists.

Working from home has been better than I thought it would be, but I did realised the one thing I was missing was my commute to work, but working from home does mean I have time in the morning to pedal out for a quick 20km to get your mind in order before tackling the work load.

Exercise has the great ability to help with mental health and with the current situation it is definitely more important than ever. The key is to concentrate on what you can do not what you can’t, the positive not the negatives. Indeed what will be will be, it is what it is!