Stayer Cycles Rusty (Prototype)

We always love being sent images of super cool bikes, especially when there is a story behind them. So when Sam from Stayer Cycles sent over some images we couldn’t have been happier to add them to the site.

As Sam said “My idea was to build a 29’er for long off road tours. We are getting more clients for this type of bike, and I find myself planning trips where a bike like this makes a lot of sense over something lighter and faster, and as such it seemed like a good plan to put some time into R&D and play out a couple of ideas in a build and see how it goes down”.”I wanted something comfortable to ride, able to carry a bunch of bags/items etc as well as being able to roll over everything. It also needs to save you ass from being really good on a bicycle, but also be packable on flights and long distance trains etc at either end of the trip. Even packing pretty light can be a problem with a big 29’er if you are looking to source a bike box on a point to point or a bag or flight case on a round trip. I mean if there is a flight or a train journey to get to where you are going to ride it seems sensible to make the biggest bike you might have (other than a cargo bike) as small as possible for the getting there and getting back portions of the trip. Anyway, it is very much a work in progress. So far it has performed pretty well. I have some plans for riding next year, which is the first year for a while that I have some solid ride plans that are more than an overnight or weekend and not just thought about the workshop or work”.

“I rode the SDW for the first time in a while the other weekend and remembered every bit of riding it on a 26″ mountain bike with a botched on rack and too much stuff to bivy over and basically the only thing that has changed is the wheels size – and my overall hair colour. Anyway all of a sudden it seems very familiar. It makes me happy to re-and-re-realise that things dont change that much even when there seems to be the hype of a new thing, every week or every eurobike, the principles pretty much remain the same and the ride is the thing that matters. There will be racks and paint to add to this bike when I have time so it wont look like the bike of rust for ever, and hopefully lots more R&D time; which could also be classified as R&R time and more of that is no bad thing”.