For those that don’t know about PEdAL ED or have never come across one of their epic races then you’ll probably never have to read any further. If you do know of the brand you will know they are normally known for their high-end lycra attire.

With gravel riding and bike-packing becoming even more popular it is no surprise that they have started to make clothes with a more relaxed feel read for on and off the bike.

“September is when the real fun starts. The joy of riding free in the woods, on trails and on gravel paths. The joy of climbing solo, without cars and motorcycles on the road, on your favorite mountains. The joy of feeling warm and protected while outside it’s freezing and your breath is hanging in the air”. 

“This is what has driven us to create the new Jary collection, our first ever dedicated full set of garments for riding off-road”.

Whether or not you believe the hype or not you have to admit they do look rather tasty and who doesn’t like a new bit of kit!