Columbus Exhibition

In order to Celebrate Columbus’ 100 years of history, they decided to set 4 exhibitions to narrate the many stories composing this unique entrepreneurial scenario, related to the founder himself and the son Antonio Colombo.

All the exhibitions, under the name ‘Columbus Continuum’ will take place at Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea gallery, a 20-years-point of reference in Milan for contemporary figurative art, founded by Antonio Colombo in 1998.

The firt show started on September 25th and is named ‘Flessibili splendori: Columbus and the tubular furniture’, this exhibition is dedicated to the creation of metal tube furniture started by A.L. Colombo’s company in 1933 and ended in the immediate post-war period. This production begins with the acquisition of the exclusive license for the Italian manufacturing of the tubular furniture made by the Zurich company Wohnbedarf, which had developed models with many architects, such as Alvar Aalto, Sigfried Giedion, Werner Moser, Alfred Roth or Flora Steiger, but above all with Marcel Breuer who from the mid-twenties had designed with tubular steel at the Bauhaus.

Columbus created, on license, “original” furniture with the specialized quality competence in the manufacturing of the steel tube, which is the result of a mechanical process that requires a deep handcraft expertise and ability.

The contamination between high end design and extremely specialized craftsmanship went deeper through the years until it became a significant part of Columbus DNA. Nowadays, when we talk about Columbus steel, we do not talk simply about made in Italy supreme quality tubes, but also about an heritage exceptionally rich in technology and design studies that no one else in the world have.