For those of you that love all things cycling and art then you will probably have heard of the Artcrank and the events they hold. This coming weekend if you are feeling in need of some culture but want your cycling fix then head on down to Bournemouth.

ARTCRANK® is a poster show about bicycles. Since 2007, ARTCRANK has introduced hundreds of thousands of people to handmade, affordable bike posters created by independent artists through live pop-up bike art shows in the US, UK and beyond — including shows in London, Manchester, and Bristol.

ARTCRANK makes its first-ever visit to Bournemouth with a new show featuring handmade, bike-inspired prints by UK artists. They’re excited to team up with THIS Event Co. to show the world what’s possible when cycling and creativity come together in a community that loves and celebrates both. Limited-edition prints for sale £35 each from many fantastic artistes including our good friend Joseph Warren aka Imagesurgery.

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